What is the Reality Check Community Champion Award?

The Reality Check Foundation gives out an annual award called the Community Champion Award. The Community Champion Award recognizes a person who helps their community with youth inspired work. Helping young people be the best they can be. Click Here To View…
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Pearls of Wisdom – Larry Lawton on WSVN Miami

Larry Lawton interviewed by WSVN News Miami.   Understanding what the problems are with the next generation. Larry Lawton speaks the truth and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Young people listen to Larry. The Reality Check Program has one of the highest…
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Gangs vs. Bullying

As  parents, you may be hearing more and more about bullying among teens, and in some cases, cyber-bullying.  So what is the difference between someone who is in a gang versus someone who is just a bully? For one thing,…
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Future Police Officers Hear From Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton, Founder and President of the Reality Check Program speaks with Police Explorers from Lauderhill, Hollywood and Miami Gardens. Our future police officers heard the real deal. They learned about what community policing is, that people do change and…
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Reality Check Video Gift Card Program

Larry Lawton, Founder and President of the Reality Check Program and Larry Carter, President and CEO of the L Carter Group explain how the Reality Check Video Gift Card program works.

Who is Larry Lawton?

Larry Lawton (born Lawrence Lawton, October 3, 1961) is an author, motivational speaker, TV personality, honorary police officer and the Founder and President of the Reality Check Program, Jewelry Robbery Prevention and non-profit organization – the Reality Check Foundation. He…
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Teen Communications – By: Larry Lawton

More parents need to listen. The reason the Reality Check Program has such a high success rate is, because we bring our program to the teen level and then we bring the teen up to the adult level. Parents need…
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Reality Check Program Surveys

The Reality Check live program educates teens and young adults to the pitfalls of bad choices. Larry Lawton has a unique way of connecting with young people to educate them on making the right choices. Read Surveys Below