Addiction the Disease – By: Larry Lawton

You will cry when you watch this video, I did. 

We all know someone with a mental illness. 

Tony Luke Jr., went through what too many parents are going through, burying their own child. 

Tony Luke Jr. lost his son by way of mental illness. (A Drug Overdose)

You might say, “Drugs are a choice, it’s the pharmaceutical companies to blame, he’s just making bad choices, the kid is spoiled, he should have just stopped, bad parenting, etc.”

For people with a drug “problem” the above is mostly true. A drug problem is totally different than a person using drugs to self-medicate for a mental illness.

Let me explain a drug problem compared to a person self-medicating for a mental illness.


When a person has a drug problem, you can get them physically clean, educate them, open their eyes to how they are hurting their family, kids, themselves, how their life will look in the future, etc, and with help from family and friends, the light-bulb goes off and they stop the destructive use of narcotics. Drug programs like AA, NA, teach willpower and a person with a drug problem needs willpower, support, and eventually they change.


Study after study shows a person with a mental illness uses drugs to self-medicate and we need to recognize the difference between a person with a drug problem and a person with a mental illness.

There will always be doubters, people who don’t want to follow the latest data, and people stuck in the 1970’s. People often say, “how can a person be drug free for years and then they relapse, how is that a mental illness?” Look at Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain, they were both drug users and stopped for years, but never got the help for the underlying mental illness they had. 

I ask all the families I work with, what is the underlying issue with your child? I want to know WHY he, or she, are using drugs. Are they experimenting, going through a phase, or do they have a mental illness? All of the above can be treated.

Treating a drug problem is easy to treat compared to treating a person using drugs to self-medicate because of mental illness. Time, education, willpower and support usually solve most drug problems, but self-medicating mental illness is a whole different issue.

Drug use due to a mental illness should be treated just like any other DISEASE. We treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. with certain protocols that we know work. Why aren’t we treating drug users who have a mental illness the same way?

I hear people say, “they made the choice to use drugs, why should I pay for something they caused, they can stop if they want.” THAT’S BULLSHIT.

With the premise in the paragraph above, why do we treat lung cancer patients when they smoke and we know smoking causes lung cancer? Why do we treat diabetes when we know overeating and obesity cause diabetes? We treat those diseases because there is no stigma attached to them. Sadly, mental illness has a stigma and that is sad. 


EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION. There is a stigma around drug use that goes back generations. When you mention drug abuse to the older generation they think of the guy with a needle in his arm, dirty, and on the streets. The younger generation looks at a drug user and says, never me, they are the low-life’s, they can stop. The first step in the fix is to stop judging people with mental illness and treat the disease they have. 

I educate people by showing them a person who is obviously a drug abuser, maybe from a family they know, or a homeless man they see in their neighborhood, or even taking them to the VA. I then say, if that person had cancer, would you look at them the same way you normally do? Probably not. You’d feel compassion and want to help.

A person might not have outward signs of a mental illness. He or she might have bipolar disorder, major depression disorder, personality disorder, schizophrenia, etc. A person not getting the proper help, will try and self-medicate. The pain is just too great. This has absolutely nothing to do with willpower. It is a disease. You can’t willpower cancer or heart disease away, just like you can’t willpower mental disease away.  

Insurance companies and healthcare professionals need to recognize mental illness for what it is and understand the root cause. Insurance companies need to pay for the treatment just like they pay for a heart attack, cancer, or a stomach ailment.

The shame and stigma of mental illness has to be eliminated.  Most people are scared to tell someone they have demons or have a mental illness they can’t control.  Recent studies show that middle and upper-class people are the fastest growing population using drugs. Why? Because mental illness doesn’t know age, race, or social status. A disease, is a disease, is a disease.

Lets get to the WHY and treat the DISEASE


More people report using controlled prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine combined.

The US makes up 5 percent of the world’s population and consumes approximately 80 percent of the world’s prescription opioid drugs.

Prescription opioid drugs contribute to 40 percent of all US opioid overdose deaths.

In 2016, more than 46 people died each day from overdoses involving prescription opioids.

Prescription opioid overdose rates are highest among people ages 25 to 54 years.

Men are more likely to die from prescription opioid overdose, but the gap between men and women is decreasing.

Because of its cheaper price, heroin has become the drug of choice for many who are addicted to opioid pain relievers.

Approximately three out of four new heroin users misused prescription opioids prior to using heroin.

More than half (53 percent) of prescription opioid users got their last painkillers from a friend or relative, with 40.4 percent paying nothing for the pills.

Get the Help You Need 

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