Choice-making by Teens and Community Leaders – By: Larry Lawton

Why young people need to be educated and taught how to make choices.

You have to ask yourself, why do young people make bad choices? Yes, everyone makes bad choices, but kids make more bad choices than adults. Why is that? Mainly because of their age. Studies have shown, that the human brain doesn’t fully develop until approximately 25 years of age.

There are a number of other factors that contribute to choice-making and since we can’t change science and how the brain develops, we have to address the other factors that help young people grow and make choices.

There are three main factors a person uses to make a choice. They are;

Environment – Where and how did they grow up.

Education – Where and by who did they get educated.

Experience – What experiences do they draw on.

When you understand the three components to choice-making, you can see why some people make bad choices and others make good choices.

We know how to help people make good choices and it is time community leaders act and not let bad choices ruin innocent people’s lives.

Bad choices hurt so many people. When you help young people stay on the right path, you help the community in so many ways. Less crime equals saving lives, property and heartache. The cost of incarceration is astronomical for a juvenile. Some estimates are $60,000 per year, per juvenile inmate.

As a man who works with juvenile offenders, I see the road to success clearly, we just have to take the exit and follow the highway.