Court Ordered Reality Check Program (CORCP) Video. What is it? How it works?

questionQuestion: How does the on-line Court Ordered Reality Check Program (CORCP) work and what exactly is it?

Answer: The Court Ordered Reality Check Program Video, is a tool judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys use as an alternative to incarceration and to help show a person how bad it could get if they continue on the path that got them in trouble in the first place. It also gives hope to people who made a bad choice. People make mistakes, at whatever age, and sometimes all they need is an eye-opener. (See Surveys Below) The CORCP Video is used for misdemeanor offenders of any age. You will see surveys from ages 15 to 63 below.

The Judges, Prosecutors and Public Defenders we work with are looking for ways to open offenders’ eyes without giving them a record and scarring them for life. Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys are all human beings and want to help the communities they serve, while also protecting it.

How does the on-line Court Ordered Reality Check Program video work?

When a person is arrested for (to name a few) DUI, reckless driving, shop-lifting, petty theft, marijuana under 20gr, Drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, assault, trespassing, public intoxication, underage drinking, etc., one of the court requirements is to complete the on-line Court Ordered Reality Check Program Video.

Once the offender is sentenced to the on-line Court Ordered Reality Check Program Video by way of a plea offer or pre-trial diversion they get the video online from the Reality Check Program. Each video comes with a specific code to go on-line and take the test and survey. You cannot pass the test without watching the video. Once the person passes the test, they print out their certificate of completion. That completes their sanction. There is no extra work for the courts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation department, etc. We use a paperless, tracking component of the program for State Attorneys, Public Defenders, or Judges.

CLICK HERE to watch Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp, Judge Rhonda Babb and Larry Lawton on FOX NEWS talking about the Reality Check Court Ordered Program

A point worth noting, in the beginning one judge insisted the video be available for everyone in the family. The test and survey is for the defendant, but the video is accessible to the whole family. The Judge wanted the video to be available to everyone in the house, so the whole family could watch it and possibly benefit from it, or they could pass it on to help a neighbor or family member. That suggestion has proven to be very successful. Routinely, CORCP participants express how the video helped their wife, son, daughter, etc.

View sixteen (16) CORCP video participant surveys below – Ages 15 to 63. 

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Families NOT court ordered routinely purchase the Court Ordered Reality Check Program Video to open the eyes of their college bound child and loved ones.

Congress - Bill PoseyThe success of the video program has been widely recognized. In November 2013, Mr. Lawton and the Reality Check Program were recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress. Click To View



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