Do You Know How To Recognize Bullying?

Do You Know How To Recognize Bullying?

When we were kids, we didn’t worry about bullying as much as kids have to worry about it today. Many years ago, everyone got along through grade school. Bullying wasn’t even something that we saw of until middle school and it wasn’t a major concern until High School.

Now, bullying begins as early as preschool, when children are learning how to navigate their worlds. When they are determining who they are and what they think about themselves. Your kids are facing bullies who are taking away their confidence and self-esteem before they even have a chance to develop it.

Most schools have anti-bullying programs in effect, but sometimes, they can be tough to enforce. Bullies are careful when it comes to being caught. Sometimes, it’s up to the kids around the bully to make a difference. When the bullying is brought to the attention of a teacher or administrator, the problems can be dealt with. But what if you don’t know how to recognize bullying? What is the difference bullying and lighthearted teasing? Though there are a few differences, and some similarities, here of some of the important ones.


Involves a sense of play
• Mutual joking
• Does not involve religion, race, or personal appearance


• Unfair and hurtful
• One-sided
• Often involves religion, race, or personal appearance

At Reality Check, we can help you know how to recognize bullying so that you can teach your child what to be on the lookout for. By helping your child to be more sensitive to bullying behaviors and talking to them about what a good friend should be, you can help them avoid being a bully themselves. And by showing them what it means to be a good friend to others, they’ll have a better idea of how know what is right and what is wrong.

When your child knows how to recognize bullying, you can teach him how to handle it when it happens to him. Some ways to handle a bullying situation include:

• Walking away
• Telling an adult
• Ignoring it
• Standing up to the bully

Reality Check is made up of a team of professionals who can educate you on these and other issues. From avoiding bullies to avoiding becoming a bully, we can help you to help your tweens and teens. If you are looking for more tips and advice about navigating the world of today’s kids, check out our latest articles and videos. We offer up-to-date information to help you keep them out of trouble and keep the bullies a bay.