The Five Steps To Successfully Helping Someone With A Possible Drug Issue. By: Larry Lawton

In our last newsletter we explained the difference between having a “drug problem” and “self-medicating due to a mental illness.” We want to emphasize again; officials and society in general need to stop stigmatizing mental illness. Once that happens, the success rate with helping people with substance abuse issues will skyrocket.

We treat illnesses like heart failure, kidney failure, spinal issues, cancer, etc, without a second thought. We should treat mental illness no differently. It’s an illness, plain and simple.

There are a number of mental disorders a person might have that he or she is self-medicating for; major depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, just to name a few.

You most certainly know someone with one of the physical or mental illnesses mentioned above, but sadly, a lot of people with a mental illness feel stigmatized because of their condition and don’t seek the treatment they need.

The treatment for all illnesses, yes, including mental illness, has come a long way and society needs to use all available resources and knowledge to combat whatever illness a person might have.

Understanding WHY a person needs a substance to escape reality, or be happy is the first step in combating any drug abuse issue.

The five steps to successfully helping someone with a possible drug issue.

  1. Is there a drug issue and with what drug?
  2. Is the drug issue a problem or mental illness?
  3. Finding out WHY he or she is abusing drugs.
  4. How to address either the problem, or the mental illness.
  5. Using all available resources to institute a long-term solution.

The Reality Check Program emphasize and supports education at all levels, but how you teach is as important as what you teach. At the Reality Check Program, we teach in a way that finds out the “WHY” a person does what he does.

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