Being A Good Influence. By: Larry Lawton

We often get questions and requests from families with kids on ways to influence and help them through tough times.

Influence is the right word, because we all have influence over someone. A parent over a child, uncle over nephews and nieces, friend over friend, and so on. There is no doubt in my mind that all family members influence one another.

In the Reality Check Program we show a picture of a father and a son in prison together. What kind of an influence was that father over the son? Pretty bad I’d say. At that point, we let the participants in the program know that they have to make good choices regardless of the surrounding they are in, or influences over them.

Kids understand parent’s struggles. We tend to try and hide everything from kids, but they see more than you realize. Be the good influence on your kids by your actions not only your words. The more you are around your kids with positive actions the better influence you will have on them.

We are big supporters of families sticking together and being a good influence on each other. A good start is by finding things to do together as a family. It all has to do with being committed to your family as a whole. Make family a priority.

There are many things to do that don’t cost money or are inexpensive. Like going to the beach, a golf driving range, going to a park and having a picnic. You have to eat anyway. Go to church together, join one of their groups. Group activities are fun and you get to meet people just like you.

In today’s society we need more families doing things together. Be one of those families and stay pro-active. 

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