Help For Parents When It Comes To The Latest Drugs

Help For Parents When It Comes To The Latest Drugs

Being a parent is tough. Tough to keep your kids from causing trouble and even tougher to keep your kids from following other kids who cause trouble. How do you maintain control over your tweens and teens while still letting them make their own choices? They say that we learn from our mistakes, but some mistakes can last a lifetime. Sometimes, a parent needs a little help.

Reality Check provides help for parents who don’t know some of the common troubles that plague our kids these days. Drugs are one thing that we must battle continually. You can’t always find out what drugs are being sold at your kid’s school without digging in deeply and even then, you might have a tough time figuring it out. We’re here as a resource with help for parents to stay on top of what is going on in the underage drug world.


Flakka is a drug that has been widely used in the state of Florida, but has been spreading out to surrounding states and has even gone as far north as New Jersey. Similar to cocaine in its effects on the body, Flakka is a rock-like substance that can be snorted, smoked, or injected. It’s a cheap drug, between 3 and 5 dollars a hit, which makes it attractive to teens. It causes delirium and gives the user a feeling of super-strength by flooding the brain with chemicals that allow super mood shifts. The problem is, these chemicals can actually kill the neurons in the brain. Plus, Flakka causes kidney problems that can result in lifelong dialysis.

On-Line Heroin

When it comes to the biggest drug-epidemic, heroin, there are now websites where anyone, including your teen, can purchase the drug anonymously. As if it weren’t already easy enough to get this horribly addicting drug on the street, illegal dealers have found a way to sell under anonymous websites to provide a quicker and easier way for teens to get hooked.

Know What’s Out There

If you know what kind of drugs are on the latest upswing, you can talk to your kids about it and help keep them from getting into trouble before it’s too late. You think that kids under 18 can’t OD? You think that kids under 18 can’t be drug dealers? That’s where you’re wrong. We need to work together to save your kids from walking the wrong path and becoming another drug statistic.

The Reality Check Program is here to be a help for parents; to provide education. Yes, it’s scary and it’s tough, but you can take comfort in knowing that don’t have to go through this alone.