Help Your Child Be Better: The Reality Of A Felony – By: Larry Lawton

Help Your Child Be Better: The Reality Of A Felony

As a parent, you always think about ways to help your child be better.  You want them to do better in school, to choose better people to hang around with, to be better at making good choices.  That’s what a parent is really supposed to do, after all. This is a life we choose when we have a child. 

Some kids get in trouble; it’s a fact.  They might know what is right and what is wrong, but sometimes they still make poor choices due to their underdeveloped brains and their outside influences. Your job is to keep steering them at this young age so that they learn how to do the right thing when they are older.  Petty crimes today can lead to full blown felonies when they become adults. 

There might be parents who blow this off and say “kids will be kids,” but it goes well beyond that.  If your teen gets in trouble and has participated in criminal activity (whether they got caught or not), you need to really look at ways to help your child be better.

A felony conviction leads to:

  • Prison. Your grown-up child will face time in state prison if convicted of a felony.  No, not thirty days in the local jail, we mean a state prison that could be hours away from where you live.  
  • A change. Spending time in state or federal prison will change your grown-up child in ways that you’ll never know.  Even if the change is on their inside, spending time living the life of a convict, seeing the things they will see, experiencing the things they will experience takes something away from a person. 
  • Parole. Your grown-up child will report weekly to a parole officer for a set period of time even after he is released. This means curfews, random drug tests, and asking permission to cross county lines. And if parole is broken in any way, back to prison he will go.
  • Occupational Hazard.  Good luck finding a good job with a felony conviction on your record. Even though there are laws in some states that say an employer can’t deny you employment based on your felony, believe us, they’ll find another “reason.” 

Help your child while you still can.  Take bad behavior and bad choices seriously before they get into trouble that they can’t get out of. The Reality Check Program can help. CLICK HERE to learn more