Holiday Season Help – Drugs Are The Killer of Our Youth – By: Larry Lawton

Teens-Buying-Drugs-at-High-SchoolThe Reality Check Program has been in business for eight years now and we have seen a trend. We get more calls for help during the holiday season. Is it because kids are off school  and have more time to get in trouble, or is it the stresses of the holiday season? We suspect there are numerous reasons and causes, but as we always say, there is a time and place to worry about the why; our job is to figure out a solution.

Choice making is what it is all about, all year long.  We are seeing more and more drug problems. When a person is addicted to drugs, they can’t make good choices. Larry Lawton had a meeting with a leading psychologist and they discussed seeing the rise in certain kinds of drugs. Heroin, Cocaine,Molly, Spice and Alcohol. Alcohol is the most used mind altering substance among 14 to 17 year olds and can’t be ignored. Alcohol is the true gateway drug. 

The United States, and in particular Florida, has a serious designer drug problem. Heroin is spiking everywhere. School systems around the country need to recognize that and look for answers. Education by thinking outside the box is what is needed. Education sometimes entails more than a book, FCAT, etc. Life skills and basic decision making skills are what is needed most. Opening eyes at a very impressionable age is very important.

The on-line Reality Check Program video, the new Reality Check ISS Program for schools and the Reality Check Parenting Program for families is available for middle and high schools around the country. Help for the students and families is available.

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