It’s School Time – Be Vigilant and Pro-Active

questionQUESTION: School has been back for only a few weeks and I see a difference in my 13 year old sons attitude, should I be concerned?

ANSWER: Well Debbie, you should be concerned when you see an attitude change in your child. Teenagers have a lot of different emotions and getting to the bottom of WHY your sons attitude has change is the key. Is he being bullied, using drugs, in tough classes, bad interaction with a teacher, jealous of others or is it a home issue. As you can see, it could be a number of things. The key is COMMUNICATIONS.

When I do my private programs I usually find that most families don’t communicate well. Take the time everyday to sit-down and talk with your son. Have dinner together and when you can’t, (That is the norm in today’s world because of work, schedules, after school activities, etc.) make sure you make time to just talk. You are always his parent but don’t lecture him, just talk. He might open up to you.

Go to the school and speak to his teachers, counselor, principal and school resource officer. Let them know your concerns and don’t get brushed off by school officials. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

This is a VERY important time in your son’s life. At 13 he is in his most impressionable years. Bad habits are formed and they are very hard to break. Marijuana is on the rise amongst 8th graders and they are influenced easily. Instill in your son to be a leader and not a follower.

Keep being pro-active and get the Online Reality Check Program Video. The video is for ages 11 and up and it will open up a dialogue between you and your son to discuss some serious issues. With our high success rate, it is the first and most important step in helping your son understand the consequences of his choices.

Never give up. If you are a concerned group (PTA), parent or a company that would like to purchase a large quantity order of the Reality Check Program video for your school, police agency or company, please  call 844-922-4800 or click here.

Stay pro-active. and never give up.

Larry Lawton