Larry Lawton – Reality Check Program – Why Parents Hate Social Networking Sites

From the Parents Zone: Social Networking sites have become popular among people of all ages and groups. Besides making people socially active, these sites have also become a major reason of concern for the parents due to various reasons. As per the research done by Crimes against Children Research Center,

There are around 88% of the parents who are concerned that their teens are using social networking sites and communicating with the people whom they do not know. 61% of the parents are concerned about sharing of personal information by their teens.

67% of the teens say that they know how to hide their online activities from their parents. 43% feel that if they come to know that their parents are keeping a watch on them, then they would change their online behavior.The researchers at the found that 57% of the students were victims of cyber bullying. Some of the states where Cyber Bullying Laws exist are Arkansas, Missouri, New York, Kansas, Vermont, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Iowa, Oregon and Massachusetts. Is your son or daughter being bullied, or are they the bully? 

Stay pro-active and educate your teenage son or daughter to the consequences of bad choices. Open up a dialogue. 

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