Larry Lawton speaks at Eastern Florida State College – 2019 (Reviews)

On March 25th and 26th, 2019, Larry Lawton spoke to hundreds of students and faculty at Eastern Florida State College. 
Speaking about opioids and prison, Larry opened a lot of eyes. Read the reviews below. 

Reality Check Evaluation

As an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, I was a bit reluctant to take my classes to a recent presentation of a program by L. Lawton – Reality Check.  Having not had the benefit of seeing the presentation before taking my classes of young adults and some teenagers as I was not sure what was being presented or how it would be presented.  After seeing the presentation the first time, I became sure that most of my students needed to see Mr. Lawton’s presentation.  The best way for me to describe what I saw was that it was REAL. 

I have the benefit of 24 years of service in the United States Navy.  I then worked for the state of Florida, one of those years was with the Department of Juvenile Justice and the re-entry counselor for Brevard County.  I can honestly say that with my background and experience I can without reservation recommend Mr. Lawton’s Reality Check presentation for teachers, administrative personnel and students, high school level or above.   While some of the language may be considered a bit crude by some, as a teacher at the college level with dual enrollment students – they can handle the language better than older people.  That is something else that is real.  Our youth are NOT babies anymore and need to know that someone cares enough to tell the truth.  Mr. Lawton does that and gives the attendees the ability to get help they may need – without judgment.

All in all, an excellent presentation.

Dr. Edward H. Lyle

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Eastern Florida State College.



Larry recently spoke at an event at Eastern Florida State College that I attended.  Larry made the presentation very interesting and engaged the young adults that were in attendance.  Larry is quick to dispel the myths and preconceptions that many people have with drug and opioid abuse.  He gave several examples of the harmful effects’ opioids have on everyday people in our society that you would not expect.  He also gave students surprising statistics from his work with local police departments on drug statistics for the local schools in the county.  It is evident in his presentation that Larry takes his educator role very seriously and truly wants to make a difference in the lives of young people.  Larry’s blunt honesty and willing to talk about anything with the students allowed several to open up about issues they were dealing with regarding themselves, family, and friends.  Larry is a great resource for our community and I hope to see more of his presentations at the college in the future!

Robert Good

Chief Lending Officer of Fidelity Bank of Florida

Foundation Board Member at Eastern Florida State College   


I attended a presentation given by Mr. Larry Lawton, founder of the Reality Check Program at Eastern Florida State College on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. Mr. Lawton spoke of his experience of spending 11 years in federal prison for criminal activity associated with organized crime, the 180-degree change he made in his life post-imprisonment by establishing the Reality Check Program for teenagers and young adults, and the current opioid crises facing our nation and the local community.
It was a great presentation and very informative regarding the opioid/substance abuse problems facing teens, young adults and even respected, older members of our community. I would recommend that all teens and college-age students hear this lecture. Mr. Lawton holds your attention from beginning to end. As I listened to his presentation it occurred to me that a majority of parents have no idea of what actually goes on in our schools. Many parents think their child would never get involved in substance abuse and ignore the problem of the ready availability of drugs in the community. Because Mr. Lawton works with teens and law enforcement on a daily basis, he puts you there, right in the middle of the ugly mess of substance abuse and all of the emotional, physical and legal implications that accompany it. In a one-hour presentation, he makes the situation come to life and personalizes it. He held the full attention of students and adults from beginning to end. He shared many stories that served as eye-openers for me, such as when he referred to maximum prisons as being a “drug factory”. I had no idea there were more drugs available in prison versus the street.
There are many lessons given in Mr. Lawton’s lecture. Every parent and adult who cares about the future of our young people need to hear him speak and be educated on how deep our own towns, states and country are slipping into a drug culture.         
Gale Baratian
Hello, my name is Laurene and I attended your speaking seminar today at
Eastern Florida State College. Thank you for sharing your story, I am a
child of an addict father who is now clean for 8 years now! The addiction
topic has always been a sensitive subject for me but seeing my dad as the
role model that he is, I am now able to face the issue with a strong and
mature mindset. I can say that your lecture was very helpful not only to me but also
everybody in that room. Your story is incredible along with the work that
you are able to make out of it. I did not mind your language or choice of
words in the lecture, I thought they were appropriate and helped get the
point across that much more. It is important that we all stand close and
support each other in the hard times and in the good because drugs play a
dirty game. Addiction is a disease, I knew that walking into the lecture, but I
didn’t think one single person could make such a big difference. Thank
to Larry
Hi Larry,
I was just at your talk at Eastern Florida. You said to give you an email if
we wanted your e-book, that would be great if I could please get it. I just
wanted to say thank you so much for coming to talk to us and I really wish
everyone in the world could sit and listen to you in person!
Thanks again
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to Larry
Mr. Lawton,
My name is Taylor and I was so inspired by the speech you
gave us at Eastern Florida State today. I actually have a personal story
myself, my father was an opioid addict and died a few years ago. I would
really love to read your book. I hope to hear from you soon.
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to Larry
Dear Larry Lawton, I sat in at your discussion at the Eastern Florida
Melbourne Campus and I really enjoyed it. I enjoy learning about people’s
past experiences and their life and I thought your presentation was really
eye opening. I’m emailing you to ask about the PDF book that you said we
would able to receive through email and I am very excited to read it
whenever it is possible for you to send it. Have a good afternoon.
to Larry
Hi Larry!
I really enjoyed your talk on Monday! It was very motivational and it really
struck the heart for me. You said to email you for a pdf file of your book. If
you could get the chance, I would love to read it!
You are an inspiration to us all! Thank you for everything you do!
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In August of 2013, Larry was the first ex-con in the United States to be sworn in as an Honorary Police Officer in the city of Lake Saint Louis, Missouri and in November 2013, Larry was the first ex-con recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress for his work with helping young people and law enforcement agencies.

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