Marijuana – Are we barking up the wrong tree and how do we educate young people? by: Larry Lawton

Reality Check Program Q&AAs a man who deals with young people and drugs on a daily basis, I wonder if we are barking up the wrong tree with marijuana. There are so many more serious drugs and issues to deal with than marijuana, that I sometimes think we lose our focus.

Look at what one kid said on a blog looking to beat a drug test;

“I’m getting tested soon too, and have to quit smoking weed. I had always said that I wasn’t going to fuck around with synthetic cannabinoids, but now I think I am going to experiment with them a bit”.

The statement above concerns me. Are we pushing good kids in the wrong direction? Sadly, I think so.

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Heroin is on the rise and you read very little about it. You might ask yourself, why is heroin on the rise, because it is cheaper than oxycontin. They are both opiates and users know that and want to get hiheroin-addictiongh. Serious drug users and dealers are the ones who commit the vast majority of crimes, violence, etc. Let’s worry more about heroin, oxytcontin, synthetic cannabinoids and some of the more serious drugs than we do about marijuana. Let’s get these people help and leave the pot smokers alone.

How do you educate young people on marijuana and drugs?  Young people are smart. In fact, during my live program I tell them they are smarter than me all the time. What they don’t have over me is experience. As a parent, wife, friend, counselor, mentor or concerned person you have to use your experiences to teach younger people about the negative effects of doing something illegal. What the real consequences are.

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When you try to explain the negative effects of marijuana and they ask you about alcohol, what do you say? There is no doubt alcohol is worse than marijuana, I would debate that with anyone, but marijuana is illegal. End of story. There are consequences far greater than just that one use or even the drug itself. With an arrest for marijuana or any drug, you can get a record, a trip to a jail, the monetary lose, etc.

Cops are quick to arrest young people for a joint when maybe that isn’t the best answer. Once they put handcuffs on a person, their life changes. Do they really need that? I doubt it. But look them up on a computer and it says, Arrested for possession of marijuana under 20g.

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I’d like to end by saying, educating your loved one on consequences is the single best thing you can do as a person that cares.

Experience, experience, experience, use it and don’t hide behind it.

God bless,Larry on Huckabee Show

Larry Lawton