Mr. Lawton, I know prison is bad, but what is the worst part? Martha Adams, NJ

Where do I start? The worst part of being incarcerated is the separation from loved ones. The security classification of the prison doesn’t matter. This goes for all prisons. I lost my children’s lives, my wife, my grandmother, my nephew and my Dad had Alzheimer’s when I got out. Things that I can never get back. All of that and more is a hole in my heart that will never be fully healed.

Of course, being in the “hole” (The prison within the prison) and being abused by guards is very traumatic and is just a few of the reasons people are pushed over the edge. Some of those people commit suicide or give-up and totally go crazy. What kept me alive and somewhat sane (notice I said, somewhat LOL) were a few things. Besides God of course, here are a few;

1. Having family and friends that loved me and never gave up on me.

2. Helping others in prison with the law which gave them hope.

3. Being an advocate and fighting prison corruption and abuses.

4. Knowing there were good guards, after being abused by bad guards.

5. Knowing that someday making a difference will help millions of people.

A key part of self-rehabilitation is accepting responsibility for your actions.  Way to many people blame their circumstances, their upbringing, society, etc., for what they did. That is wrong.

You also have to forgive yourself and move on. Bitterness kills. You can never make total amends for your actions with your victims, kids, family and friends but you have to try and then move on.

Thankfully, our life is not meant to be lived in the past or in constant inner turmoil. The past is just that, the past. Yesterday is gone, done, over. Good or bad, it can’t be changed. Learn from your past and make good choices moving forward.

What I have learned by traveling constantly is that most people have a forgiving heart and root for you to succeed. Of course, there will always be haters, people who are struggling themselves so they want to see others struggle with them, people who are jealous of your happiness and inner-peace, etc.

If you run across people who are hateful, bitter, or just mad, always think of this saying, “Who of us is perfect?” Of course the answer is NO ONE. Get away from people like that. They are negative and negative people will drain you dry.

Prison is all about pain, negativity, hopelessness and sadly, there is no rehabilitation in the system. That is why we developed the Reality Check Program.

The RCP helps people understand how the choices they make will affect the rest of their life. We also help them understand how their choices will affect their loved ones. Coming from someone like me who lost it all, people have a tendency to be more receptive.  Click here to learn more about what we do at Lawton911.

You can also read my life story in a book called Gangster Redemption. In the book you will learn about my early years, my time in the Coast Guard, how I got involved with organized crime and became the biggest jewel robber in the country, you will hear about me being abused and tortured in prison and you will learn why and how I developed the Reality Check Program. Click here for reviews from public officials, teachers, business people and parents.

The other day I was talking to a few people who read the book and one of the comments was, “Your book should be required reading for all high school students”. That had me thinking and I agree with that statement 100%.

I would love to speak to school officials, businesses, governments or individuals who want to help their schools on ways we can do this very cost affective. Young people will want to read the book and watch the Reality Check Program DVD and then they will not want to follow in my footsteps. We will save thousands and thousands of young people and their families. That is my ultimate goal. Please email me direct at

If you know someone who is making bad choices, was arrested and did prison time, it is imperative they read the book. It will give them hope and they will see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you purchase the book ($14.95) and want a signed copy please email me personally at larry@lawton911.comClick here to purchase the book.  The DVD is ($39.95) get both the book and the DVD for $49.95. As a publishing company we can also send only books into prisons.

Never give up on your loved one. People do change.

God bless,

Larry Lawton