My son is 12 and with spring break upon us, how do I keep him on track?


I am assuming you are talking about his grades and school work.  If that is the case, it is a year round project to teach your teenage son.  I expressed this in my parenting program all the time.

I suggest you do weekly projects with your son.  That will keep him in the here and now.   This week you might want to take him to the park and talk about a school project, upcoming test, or a social issue.  What you are doing by keeping it simple and weekly is showing him to be task orientated.

Our goal at the Reality Check Program is making sure he stays out of trouble so you CAN worry about his grades.  By doing the weekly meeting you will be on-top of your son in a lot of ways.  It is all about communications and as an adult we have to be the one who initiates communications.

Good luck and keep us posted on his grades.

Reality Check Program team

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