National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – By: Larry Lawton

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. It is nice to see a specific day law enforcement is appreciated, but in reality, every day should be National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.
As a man who works with law enforcement on a regular basis and all over the United States, I can say without hesitation, as a whole, law enforcement is doing the best job they ever did.
When I speak around the country about law enforcement, helping young people and community policing, people ask me about what they see on TV. I explain how sadly, most media outlets only report the negative stories about law enforcement, not the thousands and thousands of positive stories law enforcement does every day.” 
Good law enforcement officers and senior officials are not scared of social media and cameras, in fact, they embrace them. More than exposing bad cops, cameras protect good cops from false accusations.
Are there bad cops? of course. Just like there are bad priests, bad construction workers, bad business owners, etc. Good and bad comes in all nationalities, social standings and economic statuses. It is just sad that the bad gets reported so much more than the good when the good outweighs the bad in a big way. 
In appreciations of law enforcement all over the country, I’m going to start highlighting positive police stories and exposing the bad apples that hurt the good reputation law enforcement deserves.
Since today and every day should be law enforcement appreciation day, the next time you see a cop, say thank you, it will mean a lot to him or her.
I salute our hero’s who go out every day and don’t know if they will be coming home.
Stay Safe, and God Bless,

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Larry Lawton

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