Out of all the problems parents come to you with, what is the #1 problem or issues?

ANSWER: Without a doubt, it is prescription drug use and heroin. Most parents are in denial or just don’t want to admit THEIR child could be involved with drugs of any kind. I am seeing cases with kids as young as 11 doing pills and even heroin. The signs are usually there if a parent or loved one looks at it from a different angle.  Prescription drug use is still a problem everywhere. Heroin is also on the rise.

Prescription drug abuse and heroin are in every state and community in the country. Whether it is pills or heroin, it is a problem. Oxycodone is a opiate and for the older generation, think heroin. Oxycodone is very addictive and a child needs help to get off them. DO NOT take this lightly and get help. You are not alone as a parent and seek help where needed.

Five signs a loved one is abusing painkillers.

1. Drowsiness, lack of energy

2. Inability to concentrate, lack of motivation

3. Social behavioral changes

4. Changes in appearance

5. Increased secrecy

If you have the slightest inclination your child might be doing drugs, drug test your child. Yes, you read that right. This is not about worrying that your child will think you don’t trust them.  YOU DON’T! If you think your child might be doing drugs, the chances are, you are right.

If you find your child is clean, great. Your child will see that you will do whatever it takes to monitor his or her behavior.

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Larry Lawton: Realtiy CheckLarry Lawton