Parenting Tips from the Reality Check Program with Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton & the Reality Check Program – What Teens Do & What Parents Think They Do Are Often Two Different Things.


  • Pick up your teen’s mp3 player and go to the “Top 25 Most Played” section. Listen for references to alcohol, drugs, or other risky behaviors. Then talk with your teen about what you heard.
  • Visit social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,Vine, etc, and browse the profiles of teens your child’s age to see what they say, what their interests are, and what they are doing online.
  • Can you name your teen’s favorite TV show? Watch it with him or her and discuss story lines.
  • Go to a video sharing Web site and type in “smoking weed.” Watch some of the videos. Did you know that your teen may be exposed to these images?
  • Find out what the drug slang terms “blazed,” “xanibars,” “a blunt” and “robotripping” really mean.
  • Type the name of your teen’s high school into the search bar of a popular teen social networking site and browse the profiles.

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About Larry Lawton (born Lawrence Lawton, October 3, 1961) is an author, motivational speaker, TV personality, honorary police officer and the founder and President of the Reality Check Program.Larry Bad Choices 

Lawrence “Larry” Lawton appears regularly on national TV and Radio as an expert on teen issues, crime, schools and community policing. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC  —  CLICK HERE to see Larry Lawton on TV

Larry Lawton recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress. 


Larry Lawton is the only ex-con ever in the United States to be sworn in as an honorary police officer and only ex-con ever to be recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress for his work with helping young people and law enforcement agencies.

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