Parting Words For College Students

Question:  My son is going off to college, do you have any suggestions on parting words?

Answer:  Most parents are elated but also nervous the first time a son or daughter heads away from home and off to college.  What do we tell our son or daughter as parting words?  Let’s not forget that by all rights they are legally adults.  No, I am not a believer that once a kid turns the magical age of 18 he or she automatically becomes an adult.  I do believe your child should be given adult advice and be respected as an adult.  Your child should not be talked down to or lectured to at this time in his or hers life.  My best advice on parting words are,  “Before you do anything, think it through with regards to losing your freedom, family and loved ones in mind, if it is worth losing those things, then do it”.

The Reality Check Program DVD – Help your loved one

Choice making is a part of life and as a parent our ultimate goal is to educate our son or daughter with regards to making good choices. Our goal is help them understand the importance of making good choices. It is all about the consequences of choices.  When I do my program I ask one question at the end of the program, what is the most important thing in your life?  They always say Family, God, Mom, Dad, etc.  They never say success, money, fame, etc.  To open your loved ones eyes to the consequences of bad choices, check out the critically acclaimed Reality Check Program DVD. It is not about age, the RCP DVD helps people of all ages.

Click picture to purchase Reality Check Program DVD

Click picture to purchase Reality Check Program DVD

Stay pro-active and never give up

Larry Lawton