President’s Message & Topic of the Month by President Elect

20170927_190027 (1)As we enter into Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, I would like to remind everyone of the great work that our school safety professionals do day in and day out. It is truly remarkable to know that our members provide care, compassion, and mentorship to our youth in times of need. Many of our members will purchase gifts for those special students and families during the Holiday Season. We all know that a child cannot learn if their basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter are not met. Many of our students also need relationships and a sense of belonging. This Holiday Season, our membership will help our students self-actualize through providing those special gifts and bring this all together by putting a smile on their face and warmth in their heart.  Remember, our schools do not operate in a vacuum and these learning institutions are part of the community. I applaud all of you that go beyond the school house doors and assist our students and their families.  Please do not forget that our 2018 Conference theme is Safety and Security Around The Clock.

Stay Safe Out There

Chief Ian A. Moffett, President

Topic of the Month

Two children that were killed tragically in a automobile accident

This story is about two children that were killed tragically in a automobile accident in Jourdan, Texas.

I along with my colleagues had the pleasure of conducting a school assessment at the Jourdanton School District.

Children accident article pic Nov 2017During one of our days there we met a group of high school seniors that was very happy to serve us lunch during their school day.  The seniors were quite inquisitive, and had a lot of questions as to what we were doing at the school, and what was the assessment for.  We advise them that we were there to make their school safer for them, and that we were honored that they decided to serve us lunch that day.   While talking to the seniors we noticed that they were all wearing a teal green wristband on their arms, so we ask what was the bands for? 

They started explaining to us that the bands were for the support of two students that were killed in a car accident that attended Jourdanton School.  And the band simply states “spread kindness for M and T”.  And their names were Madison and Tanner McCleary,  they were always kind to everyone that they met and tried to help whatever they could, and in any way they could.  Everyone at the school misses them dearly. 

The Jourdanton School Seniors would like to encourage everyone to continue to spread kindness everywhere you go to honor  M and T. 

Madison and Tanner’s mother decided to have the wristbands  made for everyone to wear to encourage kindness throughout their day, and throughout the rest of the world.  

So in the world of confusion and uncertainty always remember to spread the kindness that the world needs in honor of Madison and Tanner McCleary.

Madison and Tanner McCleary  would like you to spread kindness wherever you go.

BJ Bilbo

President Elect BJ Bilbo