Going To Prison For One Year – What A Family Needs To Know – Part 1

prison_cellQuestion: My 19 year old son was sentenced to one year in jail on a drug charge. I hear so many horrible stories. I am scared for him. Can you please give me advice on what I can do?

Answer: Your question has many answers for you and your son. I will answer this question over the next five newsletters. You can email my office at info@lawton911.com for an immediate answer.

You said he had a one year sentence. Was it one year exactly, or one year and a day? That is important because it will determine where he is sent. With a sentence of a year and a day, he goes to a state facility. One year and under he goes to a county jail. There are a number of pluses and minuses with both locations. I will get into that in the next few newsletters.

I will address prison issues in the next five newsletters, but please keep all kinds of questions coming.

Please keep in mind I do expert witnessing and consulting on prison and criminal cases CLICK HERE to learn more. Prevention is the key. Never give up.


Larry Lawton