Q & A – Difference in DVD and Buying Questions

Question:  What is the difference between the court ordered DVD and a regular DVD and is there a discount for large orders?

Answer:  Great question, the actual DVD is the same but with the court ordered DVD we send a 10 question test along with the DVD and we grade it and send a certificate back. 

The court ordered DVD program was initiated for the court system but we see families using it as well.  The test was made to make sure the intended viewer actually watched the DVD. 

With families we suggest you watch the DVD with your loved one.  One of the best parts of the DVD is it is a dialogue opener.  Families can then discuss as a group good choice making and what can happen if you make bad choices.  Most parents haven’t been where Mr. Lawton was and viewers of the DVD know he is telling the truth.   

As for discounts on large quantity orders?  We do have discounts on large orders and it depends on how many are purchased.  We have different programs for various organizations, cities, businesses, etc.  The Reality Check Program’s goal is to get the DVD in as many teens and young adults’ hands as possible.  Whether it is through police agencies, cities, businesses or organizations that deal with young people.  Mr. Lawton works with anyone who wants to help with kids and young adults.

We have a great program that includes when a large order buyer purchases 100 DVD’s or more they get the DVD’s at $20 each or less (depending on quantity) and free printing on the DVD to show where the DVD comes from.  In the yellow circle the Weed and Seed in El Paso Texas added the message you see in the circle.  That yellow area is reserved for whatever the purchaser wants to say.  

A business that wants to promote their business can also help the community and show their customer’s they care.  It is a win/win situation.  It is a great program and to learn more about it, please call our office at 321-327-2921 and speak to a representative, or email info@lawton911.com

To learn more about the DVD and ways to incorportae it in your agency, business or organization for fundraising and large orders (click here)

Our motto is; “We don’t believe in bad people, we believe in bad choices”.

Good luck and never give up.