Question: What is a person thinking when they are released from prison? By: Larry Lawton

Answer: After appearing on FOX News Orlando Saturday and Sunday discussing this issues I thought I would give some insight into what goes on in a person’s mind right before they leave prison.

After being incarcerated for X amount of years a person getting out of prison feels anxiety, fear, lack of trust and a number of other issues like what will I do for a living, how will I eat, where will I live, relationship stress, etc.  The latter part of what I wrote can be addressed and usually is to a degree.

The hardest part is the fear, anxiety and lack of trust for authority. It takes time, help from loved ones, help from trusted non-family members and help from the system itself. Sadly, the system is part of the problem and my goal is to change the system to help prevent future victims, the ex-offenders and all taxpayers because ultimately we all pay the price for failing to help ex-offenders readjust to society.

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Larry Lawton

Founder and President of Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program DVD