Reading about the deaths of young people in custody is so sad. What is the solution?

Sadly, what you are reading is going on all over the country, but lets deal with Florida since you live here. Deaths of young people sadden me to no end. That is why I do what I do. PREVENTION is the ultimate answer. The death of anyone in custody is unacceptable. Once a person is incarcerated we have to rehabilitate. Especially young people. Not only is it the right thing to do morally, but fiscally it is the smart thing to do. The cost of incarceration is astronomical and keeping people out of jail or prison is cost effective in so many ways.

The United States is the most incarcerated country in the world. Yes, you read that right. Florida is the second highest state in the country with an increase in prison population. To put it in perspective, Florida has 18,801,310 people and California has 37,593,222 people. California’s prison population is 169,413 and Florida’s prison population is 103,915. (Click here to read the Pew Report)  The real question is: Is Florida’s prisons a business?

I travel around the country and speak to people in different states. The Governor wants to bring jobs to Florida and here are a few suggestions, lower the incarceration rate and lower the school drop-out rate. Florida is the second highest state in the country with students dropping out of school at 20.10 percent. Only Georgia has a higher drop-out rate at 22.10 percent. That would be a start to stopping the deaths of young people in prison.

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Thank you,

Larry Lawton