Reality Check Program on marijuana being legalized and consequences

With marijuana being legalized in Colorado and Washington, how do I explain the harm of marijuana to my teenage son?


Consequences are what the Reality Check Program DVD teaches, whether it is, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, pills, petty theft, disrespect, school grades, etc.  Legalizing pot means nothing. Teens and young adults were, and are, doing marijuana anyway. Do they know what the consequences of doing ANY drug are? That is the big question.

Alcohol has been ignored for so long and teens and young adults think it is okay to drink. That is a legalized drug and nobody seems outraged about that. I worry about the escalation of ALL drugs and when a young person does a drug to “get away” from life, there is a deeper issue.

There is no drug that will solve problems. A lot of parents and officials put their heads in the sand when it comes to the deeper issue. The WHY your son or daughter is doing drugs is what you need to find out.   Is it to “get away” from life? Find out what the issue is and your son or daughter will have a better chance of success in all aspects of his or hers life.


Purchase the Reality Check Program DVD and show your son or daughter the consequences of bad choices.