Reality Check Subscription Service

300x250-RCPParents need to stay pro-active with up to date information and have the tools to help their teen or young adult child stay out of trouble and on the right path.

The Reality Check Program is launching a subscription service ($4.99 per month – a cup of Starbucks coffee) with videos (weekly from various professionals) and information to educate parents and help teens and young adults do better in school, avoid drugs, gangs, the wrong crowd and many other obstacles. One bad choice can lead to devastating consequences.

Larry Lawton will lead a team to include a former Judge and Criminal Defense Attorney, a Psychologist and a Police Official. Help for families is here with weekly video’s, a monthly live webinar. direct access to experts and special offers, all for the small monthly charge of $4.99. 

A sampling of some topics to be addressed.

1. Drugs that are destroying our youth.

2. Recognizing gangs, gang behavior and how they are everywhere. 

3. How to deal with failing grades and what the root cause might be.

4. Letters from prisoners who are still incarcerated to open a person’s eyes.

5. Bullying and fights.

6. How to communicate better with your teen or young adult.

7.. And much much more……………………

Larry Lawton is not their parent, teacher, counselor or friend; he is an ex-con and paralegal who developed the #1 Program in the United States helping young people realize that choices are everything. The Reality Check Program is used by courts, law enforcement, schools, the federal government weed and seed program and parents all over the world.

An independent quantitative analysis done by a college on the success of the Reality Check Program showed, 70% of participants had better attitudes, 43% better school grades, 31% better school attendance and 90% didn’t get rearrested.

Lawton’s no nonsense approach has been hailed by the Unites States Congress, Judges, Law Enforcement, Teachers and parents from across the United States and all over the world as an effective tool in educating, preventing and redirecting young people to change their lives for the better.

Jeff Kottkamp, Lieutenant Governor of Florida“Larry Lawton’s ‘Reality Check’ program is not only impactful—it has the potential to be life changing.  Children that watch the program will learn some very valuable life lessons.”

Reality Check Subscription Service – Starting April 23, 2018.

In a nutshell, the Reality Check Program Subscription Service will be opening the eyes of parents and young adults to the reality of today’s world.