School is starting; my 16 year old son is in the 11th grade, what should I watch for? Doris, NY

Help Your Child Be Better In 2016The short answer, everything!  No, not really. That is pretty much impossible. A lot of people will say watch for drugs, but in actuality the #1 one thing you should watch for is changes in your son’s personality, friends and the way he communicates with you. Those kinds of changes will tell you a lot. From drug use, girl issues, bullying (Bullying happens at ALL ages), etc. Once you get to the root cause of the changes you can address the problem.

This is a great time for your son. He is absorbing so much and defining who he is. You already instilled morals and responsibility in him. Now it’s guidance and direction. There are always reasons why someone changes, some good and some bad. If you notice changes, catch it quick and communicate with your son. Find out what is going on and go from there.

Be a listener and give straightforward and honest advice. You will always be the parent but you can also be a supporter, cheerleader and friend.

Make sure you get the Reality Check Program Video. The video is all about consequences. The four part video has the following topics:

  1. My Life
  2. What Prison is Really Like – Not what you see on TV
  3. What you will lose
  4. Avoiding and Dissolving Bad Associations

Being pro-active is the best thing you can do with regards to your son.

Good luck

Larry Bad ChoicesLarry Lawton
Author of: Gangster Redemption