Son Caught With Marijuana – By: Larry Lawton

Reality Check Program Question and AnswerQuestion: My son (16) got caught with a small amount of marijuana. What should l do?

Answer: If you go to our website, and look at the identifying at risk teens page you will see your son in #5 and #24.

What will happen? If he was caught by the police he was probably released to you and you were given a date to appear in juvenile court.  Each case is different so calling a lawyer might be the best route. We can recommend different lawyers in different areas, contact us and check out our resource page. Most first time cases will qualify for a diversion program or another program like the Reality Check Court Ordered DVD.

Getting caught with “any” drug is serious, and yes, this includes alcohol. You might say, marijuana is minor, but it is a start and no kid starts off with heroin, cocaine, pills, etc.  Most kids

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