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Dr. Rosemarie B. Gilbert, Ed.D., LMHC, L.Psy. – “Parents must understand that, regardless of educational attainment, ethnicity, income, or race, their children will encounter serious social and emotional challenges within their own communities. This program will help parents identify these challenges and ultimately provide them ways to empower their children.”

Jeff Kottkamp, Lieutenant Governor of Florida –“Larry Lawton’s ‘Reality Check’ program is not only impactful—it has the potential to be life changing. Children that watch the program will learn some very valuable life lessons.”

Judge Morgan Laur Reinman – “The Reality Check program has proven to be an effective tool for the court in helping at-risk juveniles recognize the consequences of their actions.”

Steve Hurley, Corporate Manager – “I think I can safely say that Larry created this Reality Check Program with one objective in mind – to help and assist adolescents and young adults who he sees going down the same path he did. Larry frequently refers to this path as “making bad choices” and he is living proof that bad choices don’t pay and if you reverse the bad choice, lives can be turned around.”

Sam Zurich, Professional Bowler and Father – “Every bowling center has a youth program, but this DVD is the best tool I have ever seen to help kids stay on the straight and narrow, on target and out of the gutter”

Sheriff Jack Parker: “It is one more tool that might help get a young adult out of trouble.”

Bill Cassara, New York – “In 30 years of working in television news programs (60-minutes, 20/20) I would count Larry Lawton’s “Reality Check” DVD as one of the most important videos for teens and young adults. It’s tough talk from a man who knows first-hand about how easy it is to make poor choices. Larry Lawton’s Reality Check Program is making a difference”

Jackie Thomas, Iowa City, Iowa – “I am a mother, grandmother and para-educator in the Iowa City Public School System. I have been a Montessori pre-school teacher for 7 years and have worked with children for 25 years. I believe the Reality Check Program DVD by Larry Lawton is wonderful. It definitely describes the consequences of what can happen when a person gets on the wrong path. It is real and eye-opening. Both teenagers and adults would definitely benefit from watching this DVD. I highly recommend it!”

Carol Guthrie  – Assistant Principal, St. Joseph Catholic School – “The parenting program Larry Lawton from Reality Check presented to our school and community in January provided parents with information needed to raise children in our world today. Larry shared real world experiences, consequences for making good and bad choices in his life, and most importantly, skills to help parents act in the preventative. His knowledge about the dangers resulting from bad associations, problems faced by parents, and current information about our local community gives him credibility. Members from the law enforcement community, court system, and school board attended his presentation showing support for what he does.

For more in-depth reviews by kids, parents, officials, a quantitative analysis and letters of reference – CLICK HERE