The Reality Check video card is a great tool for positive community policing


Helping a parent’s son or daughter is the single best thing a police agency can do to gain community support

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The Reality Check video card is a great tool for positive community policing.

1. An officer who catches a kid, say breaking an abandon house window will take the kid home and give his parents the RC video gift card and say, “This is compliments of our police department. We caught your son in a minor infraction which could lead to more serious trouble, we’re here to help”. After watching the video the kid might “get it” and realize that the choices he makes today can affect the rest of his life.

2. By possibly changing the way the kid thinks we save possible future victims of that kid, especially if the kid does some serious crime.

3. The program fosters a great community relationship between the police and the citizens. Many communities have an “us against them” mentality. By helping citizens (i.e. parent with a wayward kid) the citizens will be more willing to help the police solve crimes. The next time a major crime happens the citizens are more inclined to get involved.

4. Most police officers join the force to help people. Giving an officer a tool to help people and open a positive dialogue makes them look good and connects them with the community in a positive way. The RC video gift card increases moral and has long term benefits for the officer.

5. Police departments get their logo printed on the card saying whatever they want – what a powerful tool.

6. The cops will not be looked at as an enemy but as a helper.

20141215_172132-1IMG_8192Larry Lawton is an Author, Speaker, TV Personality and Teen/Young Adult Expert. Larry developed the nationally recognized Reality Check Program; a court approved program. Larry speaks with thousands of young people yearly and is the first ex-con recognized on the floor of the United States Congress for his work with helping young people and the first ex-con in the United States to be sworn in as an honorary police officer.

To contact Larry and see how the Reality Check Program can help your department. Call 844-922-4800 or CLICK HERE