What is the hardest part of your job?

I get asked this question a lot. Most people would think it is turning a young person around, but it’s not. It is actually convincing governments that being pro-active is the smartest thing they can do with regards to reducing crime, lowering the incarceration rate and helping their citizens.

I think they all know it, but sometimes I think politics get in the way. That is frustrating.  I do understand money is tight, but you would think our elected officials would look for ways to get businesses involved and save taxpayer’s money. Click on the link and see what former Lt. Governor Kottkamp said on FOX News Orlando Matters about governments making the investments in the future.   It is a short clip (8 minutes) CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SHOW

Look to your elected official, are they trying different things to help YOU, or are they doing the same thing and expecting a different result? That is a sign of insanity. Does your government have ADHD? Do they want immediate gratification for political reasons?  Like locking up people and not rehabilitating them. Think about the big picture. See what they are doing for you.

To give a short answer to your question, my job with regards to helping young people is easy.  It is dealing with politics that is hard. With a large national network, a radio show, social media, etc…. comes the politics and also the responsibility of fighting for what is right.

SPECIAL UPDATE: Starting October I will be doing a series on prison health care and prison abuses and why it affects you.  Don’t miss it and pass it on.

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Larry Lawton