Why Is My Child Making Bad Choices?

Why Is My Child Making Bad Choices?

As adults, we are faced with choices that we must make every day. From our jobs to our homes, we rarely have a day when we can just sit back and let life go on around us. We learn a lot about the choices we make; how often do we hear ourselves say “I’ll never do that again!” When it comes to our kids, they may not be so lucky. Bad choices might be made time after time, again and again. You may be wondering why your child is making bad choices. The answer is partially scientific.

The Brain

Studies show that the adolescent brain is still underdeveloped, which causes poor impulse control, difficulty in problem solving, and poor decision making. So technically, you are fighting against nature when you try to get your kid to do the right thing. However, your child might be making bad choices simply due to peer pressure and classic teenage rebellion.


Kids have done stupid things throughout the ages; it’s what they do. When they do something that is unwise, it’s up to you as a parent to guide them in the right direction. Though you can’t fight science, you can fight the rest. In order for your child to grow up and have a good chance at adult success, you’ll need to get on the front lines and help her to start making choices that are constructive and positive.

Clear Expectations

You must begin by taking charge of the situation before your child starts making bad choices. They must know what is expected of them, what behavior is okay and what behavior will not be tolerated. When kids know what their expectations are and have a clear knowledge of the consequences for not following expectations, you’ll have a better chance that they will think through an event before they choose to take inappropriate action.

Get Involved

At Reality Check, we know that life gets busy. We know that with two working parents in the home, and sometimes only one parent who works twice as hard, time is a precious commodity. There isn’t enough time in the day for oneself, let alone to give extra to others. But you have to be present in your child’s life. There is no other way to get them to believe in you, trust in you, listen to you, and talk to you unless you spend real and honest time with them. Time together means expression of thoughts and ideas and when you are present and open, you’ll find out a lot more than you think.

We can help you discover ways to spend more quality time with your kid. We can help you with things to say, teach you how to listen, and educate you on parenting a teen. Let us help you to help them make better choices; before they make a choice that causes a lifetime of regret.