Was Zachary Cruz tortured in the Broward County Jail? Why Was Cruz given a $500K bond?

Answers by Larry Lawton, ex-con and Honorary Police Officer and Glenn Roderman, former Judge, Prosecutor and now Criminal Defense Attorney with over 40 years’ experience.
Is ZACHARY CRUZ being punished for the crimes of his brother? You decide.
What does someone think when you mention the name Cruz, School and Arrest? At first, everyone thinks of Nikolas Cruz the deranged Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter who killed 17 innocent people and wounded many more. A tragedy that will never leave our hearts and souls.
It is hard to think of anything but that, but when people hear that this case is not about Nikolas Cruz, it is about Zachary Cruz, Nikolas Cruz’s young brother, people stop and listen.
When people find out Zachary Cruz was given a half a million-dollar bond for a misdemeanor charge of trespassing and was subjected to wear a weighted suicide jacket for 24 hours a day, for five straight days, when mental health professionals decided he didn’t display any signs of a mentally disabled person, you have to wonder what is going on. Is he being judged for the crimes of his brother?
In court documents filed on Thursday, May 3, 2018, Zachary Cruz alleges he was tortured in the Broward County jail by way of sleep deprivation and being put in a restraint jacket for five straight days.
Does torture and abuse happen in jails and prisons in the United States? Yes, it absolutely does, and it happens every single day. It happens in different ways. Physical beatings, the refusal of food and water, the turning off of toilet facilities and running water, being put in the “hole” SHU (Special Housing Unit) and not seeing the light of day for months, being denied sanitary products (for woman) and yes, sexual abuse.
As a man who was abused in prison, I know what it feels like to be totally vulnerable and powerless. Many thoughts go through your mind. Why me, what did I do, how can I endure this, will it ever stop and eventually you think about suicide. I did. The jail and prison system itself pushes many people to suicide without even knowing it.
While speaking on TV, Radio and around the country on crime, drug abuse, rehabilitation, prisons and policing, one thing that always stands out is, everyone knows a family member, or friend, who is either in prison, on drugs or making bad choices that could land them dead or in prison.
Since everyone knows someone who made bad choices, we should be focusing on rehabilitation and helping people. Our society knows we have issues with drugs, crime, and bad behavior and sadly, our criminal justice system for the most part, is not pro-active, they are re-active.
We hope everyone is a victim advocate and we believe the best way to help victims is by reducing crime and therefore the number of future victims. Preventing crimes helps everyone. How do we do that? We first start by rehabilitating people who are incarcerated. 95% of people who are incarcerated will eventually be released back into society.
With a 60% recidivism rate (numbers run from 40% to 75% of people re-offending) It is just commonsense that if you lower the recidivism rate, you lower the crime rate and therefore have less victims.
We educate our youth and help distressed communities by showing them that we aren’t an Us Against Them society. We treat all people fairly, openly and with respect. Education not incarceration. 
Ask yourself, do you believe you should be held accountable for the actions of a family member or friend? I don’t think so.
Glenn Roderman, “I’ve been in the criminal justice system in Broward County, Florida for over 45 years. I was a Municipal Judge, Prosecutor and now Criminal Defense Attorney for over 40 years and I never saw a half million-dollar bail for a 2nd degree misdemeanor. It is excessive, punitive and without precedent”, said Roderman.
Larry Lawton works with positive prosecutors, judges, police agencies and communities who recognize that being at war with the community is counter-productive to solving problems, having  a safe community and helping people and families. 
If the allegations in the Cruz lawsuit are found to be true, what does it really mean? According to the Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) of the United States Constitution which prohibits imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments, it means we have to re-evaluate our values, thinking and what our constitution really means. 
We hope and pray the officials mentioned in the lawsuit aren’t doing things to punish this man because of the crimes of his brother. We all await their response to the lawsuit.
Do you have sympathy for Zachary Cruz? That is something every person has to ask themselves. Think about what someone you know is doing, maybe a brother, sister, relative, or friend. Should you be held accountable for THEIR actions?
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Glenn Roderman obtained his Juris Doctorate in Law from Stetson University in 1972, and he has been practicing law in the state of Florida since that time. Mr. Roderman was admitted to the Florida Bar and to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, in 1972. In 1975, Mr. Roderman was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Roderman started his career as an assistant state attorney, serving in the Broward County State Attorney’s Office in 1973 and 1974. He later served as Associate Municipal Judge in the town of Davie, from 1974 to 1976, and then in North Lauderdale, from 1975 to 1977. Mr. Roderman started his own legal practice in the early 1980’s. He continues to serve as a respected legal analyst for ABC News Channel 10, WPLG, in Miami.
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Larry Lawton, co-author of Gangster Redemption with Peter Golenbock, 8 time NY Times bestselling author, the book is Larry’s life story, what REALLY goes on in prison and how Larry developed the #1 Program in the country helping young people NOT go to prison. In August of 2013, Larry was the first ex-con in the United States to be sworn in as an Honorary Police Officer and in November 2013, Larry was the first ex-con recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress for his work with helping young people and law enforcement agencies.   

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