Reality Check Services

Law Enforcement Program

Use the #1 community policing program, The Reality Check Video Card Program, to help break down the “Us Against Them” mentality some communities have with the police. Connect your department with the community.

Misdemeanor Offender Program

Use the #1 court approved program, The Online Reality Check Court Ordered Video Program, to significantly speed up case resolutions while protecting defendant’s rights and reducing jail overpopulation.

Corporate and Keynote Speaking Program

Use The Reality Check Video Card Program to help your employees. When a parent has an at–risk teen that is acting out it affects your business. Lost productivity, absenteeism, and missed work ultimately affect your bottom line.

Consulting & Expert Witnessing

Training, Seminars, Trials, Sentencing, Prisons, Prisoner Release. Individuals awaiting trial, sentencing or an individual who was convicted and awaiting incarceration Need Expert Advice.



  • Jeff Kottkamp, Lt. Governor, State of Florida: “Larry Lawton’s ‘Reality Check’ program is not only impactful — it has the potential to be life changing. Children that watch the program will learn some very valuable life lessons.”

  • Chief Mike Force, Lake Saint Louis Police Department: “It is without reservation that I recommend Mr. Lawton and the Reality Check Program for implementation in your organization or community. My department has taken a bold step toward change and I encourage you to step out and lead the way for others to follow.”

  • Congressman Bill Posey, 8th District, Florida: “The Reality Check Program has earned recognition from many in local law enforcement, from county and State judges and, of course, from families and, possibly, wayward kids. In Missouri, the Lake St. Louis Police Department enlisted Larry Lawton as an honorary deputy. Helping kids make better choices makes for healthier families, safer communities, and a stronger Nation. I salute the program.”

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